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  • The True Spoon.

    "Spirulina powder is an extreme superfood, one serving of the green gold can provide a high percentage of your daily micronutrients! B vitamins are all the rage, their ability to ward off illness, boost metabolism, and improve skin are well documented in medical research. Spiral Nutrition Spirulina has five different B vitamins that will keep you looking good and feeling even better! You can add this miracle Spirulina powder to endless recipes."

  • Just Glow with Health.

    "What i really appreciate about spiral Nutrition is the extra care and attention they put into the process of making sure they provide a high quality product. You can see just how nutritionally dense it is below in the nutrition chart. I was worried it would have a strong taste to it, but you don’t it at all."

  • The Healthy Family and Home.

    "Spiral Nutrition brings you a unique variety of the most potent Spirulina that you can’t find anywhere else.  this makes me feel good to know that i’m getting the highest quality and cleanest Spirulina on the market."

  • The Organic Beauty.

    "This nutrient powerhouse became all the rage a good decade ago, and unlike many of it’s trendy superfood brethren, it hasn’t gone anywhere.  Why? Because Spirulina is frickin’ awesome.  Nutritionally, it is loaded with b vitamins (and has the highest level of b12 of any food out there), calcium, vitamin e, iron, and gamma linoleic acid."

  • Create n Plate.

    "Spirulina has many health benefits including strengthening immune systems, boosting energy, high source of protein, anti-oxidents, iron, b-vitamins, and many other benefits! Spiral Nutrition Spirulina is certified organic which will give you a high quality product that will give you lasting results."

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