Kristin McGee Best Tasting & Most Potent Spirulina Review!

April 23, 2016


This Time we had the opportunity to work with Kristin McGee, and incredible Yoga and Pilates Instructor with an Amazing Career!! 

"In life, in order to be healthy and feel well, you need to connected and hyper-aware of your physical self. In yoga and pilates, we learn to connect our minds to our bodies through our breath. As you get more connected (not just in class, but overall), you end up treating your body with more respect. This gives way to healthier eating decisions and overall happiness."

-Kristin McGee


 Here is some of Kristin's experience trying our Powerful Spirulina Maxima!

"The cool thing about Spiral Spring, which has been around for about 15 years now, is it’s the only supplier that uses arthrospira maxima instead of arthrospira patensis. Arthrospira maxima packs far more nutrients than the platensis which most other companies use. Spiral Spring also offers not only just spirulina powder (which most of us are familiar with); but also tablets and yummy snacks. I am in love with the marzapan snacks and have even convinced Timothy to try one!"

-Kristin Mcgee; Yoga, pilates & Fitness


Favorite spirulina protein shake



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