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Run Plant Based Spirulina Maxima Review

April 23, 2016

It was amazing to find someone so dedicated and commit with her health and with what she believes, Run Plant Based teach us where perseverance and dedication can take you.



"My transition to veganism took 6 months as I phased out animal products and became familiar with vegan recipes and vegan friendly foods while researching a vegan diet. The hardest and final food I gave up was seafood, crab and salmon were regulars for me especially when eating out. Over three years later and I don’t miss any of it and see myself being a vegan for the rest of my life."


-Christine , Run Plant Based


 Here is some of her experiences using Spiral Spring's Spirulina Maxima.



"I have a vibrant green pack of spirulina powder to get creative with from Spiral Spring Spirulina and it’s a huge bag that could easily fuel smoothies and dressings for months since a little spoonful goes a looooooong way. 

Just a teaspoon of the powder turned a huge salad into a festive green celebration."


-Run Plant Based


She also prepared a delicious recipe using Spirulina Maxima!

Creamy Spirulina Dressing


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