Pancake Warrior & Spiral Spring!

May 02, 2016

A truly life warrior, fitness enthusiast, and recipe creator, Sam Rowland has inspire us with her Energy, Recipe creations and on what he believes!

"PancakeWarriors strongly believes that a well rounded and healthy lifestyle is practical and attainable for everyone. We strive to provide knowledge and the skills to help you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle with a focus on nutrition, fitness, and self love."

-Sam @ Pancake Warrior

Here is some of what Samantha experienced with Spiral Spring!

"Spiral Springs Spirulina is free from heavy metals and other environmental toxins, which is often a concern when purchasing Spirulina. Most brands of Spirulina  on the market are irradiated to kill the bacteria from growing in a polluted enviornment. But Spiral Springs Spirulina grows in a unique environment of clean pure water and air. Because of this environment, the Spirulina is not polluted doesn’t have to go through irradiation to kill the bacteria from growing in a polluted environment."

-Pancake Warrior


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