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Running on Veggies Spiral Spring review!

August 06, 2016

Meet Lottie!  Running & Fitness lover, passionate about Plant based Food.

Lottie amaze us with her energy and love for what she does. Now she runs her own health coach practice and also writes for Women running magazine!

"Through my blog, I hope to share my passions, experiences and ideas. Here you will find more information about my training and general perspective on life as well as some recipes I’ve developed."

-Lottie @ Run On Veg

Here is some of what Lottie share about spiral spring on running for veggies!

" They look like a decadent treat but when you see the recipe you will realize how healthy they actually are. I would even venture to say that they are good for you! To get that rich green color I used Spirulina from Spiral Spring. Spirulina is a green powder rich in vitamins and minerals. It is most commonly used in smoothies as an add-in superfood."

-Lottie @ Run On Veg


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