Vegan Miam's Review and delicious recipes!

May 20, 2016

This time we have the amazing opportunity to meet  Rika & Doni, who are a couple based in Oregon.   Photographers, global travelers and vegan foodies, Rita & Doni share all their experience on Vegan Miam.
We still amazed with their passion for food and life, here is some of their philosophy:

"We travel with the hope of finding new influences, inspirations and motivations for what we do. Every experience from travels influences us in the kitchen, so we see Vegan Miam as being very fluid. We aren’t just one thing, this isn’t just comfort food or Asian food or American food, our tastes and influences are ever-evolving and that’s something we strive for."

-Vegan Miam

Working with them was a totally new experience, with fresh and healthy creations. They never stop surprising us!

Here is some of what they wrote about Spiral Spring.

"We enjoy superfoods as much as the next person, but we rarely find occasion to use supplements in our kitchen since we don’t often make smoothies, shakes, bars or balls. Adding spirulina maxima to the things we enjoy in our everyday diet made the most sense to us, and we discovered that spirulina has far more uses than green smoothies. In fact, in Taiwan we’ve noticed that spirulina is a rather popular ingredient – it can be found in noodles, dumplings, rice cakes and even scallion crackers."

-Vegan Miam

 They also came with two incredible recipes!

Spirulina Maxima Powder Tang Yuan

Floral tea with the grassy spirulina powder delivered a lovely earthiness that paired remarkably well with our chewy glutinous rice balls and their creamy peanut filling.

Choco Spring powder Beverage

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