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The Shift experience

August 01, 2016

 We feel fully glad to have the opportunity to have work with Shift, which is a curator and creator of content focused on conscious culture, spirituality, social transformation, self improvement, the nature of Reality, the environment, and wellness.

Here is some of what Shift wrote about Spiral Spring:

"What’s special about Spiral Spring’s spirulina is that they are the only supplier that produces products using Spirulina Maxima instead of Spirulina Platensis (Arthrospira Platensis). Most of the spirulina in the world is Spirulina Platensis, which is not as complete as Maxima in terms of content of protein, clorophyl and phycocyanin, therefore the better for nutritional and therapeutic purposes. Many distributors say they have Spirulina Maxima, but they cannot prove it."



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