Our customers regularly tell us we provide the best Spirulina in the world. And since is Eco-harvested, certified organic, Non-Gmo verify and packed with Protein, antioxidants, omega fats, and all essential amino acids, we’re proud about it!



1. Phycotech Inc. in the United States certifies that we are the only producers of Spirulina maxima strain and excellent quality in crops.

2. Certified Organic by USDA.

3. Certified Kosher by Supervisors in Alimentos SA de CV with the registration number 143.

4. Industrial Laboratories of the United States, certifies that our Spirulina is free of heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria

5. FDA protects the compliance with standards of quality and safety for our Spirulina.

6. Ministry of Health, Government of Chile guarantees that our Spirulina is suitable for human consumption.

7. Ministry of Health in Mexico certifies that our Spirulina is duly registered in the General Direction of Health Control of Goods and Services.

8. Chile Fundation in Santiago certifies the nutritional quality of our Spirulina.

9. Certified by the National DIF in Mexico by management Food and Development Community giving it a score of 9.2 to our Spirulina for its nutritional quality.

10. Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán in Mexico awarded the Certificate and complete study of the nutritional quality of our Spirulina.

11. Quality certificates issued by the Center for Studies, measurement and quality certification CESMEC LTDA. In Chile that support the following items:

a. Physicochemical analysis.
b. Microbiological analysis.

12. Total Quality Control Center from Mexico that supports that our Spirulina is free of heavy metals and pathogenic microorganisms.

13. The following biomedical research institutions are constantly working on protocols to Demonstrate the quality and the therapeutic properties of our Spirulina:

a. National Autonomous University of Mexico, School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry.
b. National Autonomous University of Mexico, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Clinical Biochemistry.
c. National Polytechnic Institute, National School of Biological Sciences, Department of Toxicology.
d. Autonomous Metropolitan University-Xochimilco, School of Stomatology.
e. Autonomous Metropolitan University-Xochimilco, School of Nutrition.
f. Ibero Americana University, School of Nutrition.
g. Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez, Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

14. INAPAM, National Institute on Aging, Mexico recommends using our Spirulina all seniors attending.

15. Live Without Cancer Foundation in Monterrey, Mexico that supports nutritional supplementation for cancer patients with our Spirulina.