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We are Proud of the improvements our Spirulina can make.


"Spiral Spring brings you a unique variety of the most potent spirulina that you can’t find anywhere else.  This makes me feel good to know that I’m getting the highest quality and cleanest spirulina on the market."

 -Karielyn, The Healthy Family and Home.


"They look like a decadent treat but when you see the recipe you will realize how healthy they actually are. I would even venture to say that they are good for you! To get that rich green color I used Spirulina from Spiral Spring. Spirulina is a green powder rich in vitamins and minerals. It is most commonly used in smoothies as an add-in superfood."

-Lottie @ Run On Veg / Women's Running


"I'm a fan of spirulina because I straight up enjoy how it tastes, but it's also awesome because it's a good plant source of protein, iron, calcium, B vitamins, and even EFA. Their website even states that "it's popular among the vegans!" Ha ha. See?"

-Kittee @Cake Maker


"Spirulina has many health benefits including strengthening immune systems, boosting energy, high source of protein, anti-oxidents, iron, B-vitamins, and many other benefits! Spiral Spring spirulina is certified organic which will give you a high quality product that will give you lasting results."

-Create N Plate


"What’s special about Spiral Spring’s spirulina is that they are the only supplier that produces products using Spirulina Maxima instead of Spirulina Platensis (Arthrospira Platensis). Most of the spirulina in the world is Spirulina Platensis, which is not as complete as Maxima in terms of content of protein, clorophyl and phycocyanin, therefore the better for nutritional and therapeutic purposes. Many distributors say they have Spirulina Maxima, but they cannot prove it."



"What I really want to talk about here is Spiral Springs spirulina. In full disclosure, I was given a sample of the Spiral Springs spirulina powder to try. I was skeptical after my fishy experience but I was pleasantly surprised. I did a small taste test, side by side, with the usual brand and they are comparable."

- The Veggie Queen


"But Spiral Spring has taken it to another level by producing Spirulina Maxima, “the most nutritious and concentrated natural supplement”



"This nutrient powerhouse became all the rage a good decade ago, and unlike many of it’s trendy superfood brethren, it hasn’t gone anywhere.  Why? Because spirulina is frickin’ awesome.  Nutritionally, it is loaded with B vitamins (and has the highest level of B12 of any food out there), calcium, vitamin E, iron, and gamma linoleic acid."

-The Organic Beauty


"If you’re a postpartum breastfeeding mom, who also enjoys biohacking her body, you know your options are limited when it comes to supplementation. Spirulina is one supplement you can safely include in your regimen.



"It couldn’t be any easier. I am happy to report that it did not taste “earthy.” It was not like someone said, “here, drink this glass of dirt.” The spirulina blended in very nicely and was not at all gritty, another fear I had before trying it. I would have liked a stronger chocolate flavor though."



"I use Spiral Spring Choco Spiral powder to give these energy bites a rich chocolatey taste that is also loaded with nutrition from spirulina. I’ve been hesitant to continue trying spirulina in my recipes because I haven’t previously had much success. I was having trouble finding a recipe where I couldn’t detect a slight sea-water aftertaste. (If you have a recipe you love, please share!). However, I must say I love this recipe and it’s all thanks to Spiral Spring Choco Spiral powder. This superfood powder is truly unique. It’s a combination of cocao, oat flour and spirulina, which by the way is completely undetectable."

-Nourished by Nutrition


"The reason I love Spiral Spring is because they provide a very high quality product, and they have been around for 15 years, so you know they are doing things right! They sent me a couple of their products to test out, and I was really impressed. I used the regular spirulina to make a peach green smoothie, and their chocolate powder to make a chocolate almond banana smoothie."

-The Wheatless Kitchen


"What I really appreciate about Spiral Spring is the extra care and attention they put into the process of making sure they provide a high quality product. You can see just how nutritionally dense it is below in the nutrition chart. I was worried it would have a strong taste to it, but you don’t it at all."

-Just Glow With Health


"We enjoy superfoods as much as the next person, but we rarely find occasion to use supplements in our kitchen since we don’t often make smoothies, shakes, bars or balls. Adding spirulina maxima to the things we enjoy in our everyday diet made the most sense to us, and we discovered that spirulina has far more uses than green smoothies. In fact, in Taiwan we’ve noticed that spirulina is a rather popular ingredient – it can be found in noodles, dumplings, rice cakes and even scallion crackers."

-Vegan Miam


"If you aren’t adding spirulina into your diet yet, you should! Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that has been consumed for thousands of years because of its great nutritional profile. It has known benefits of strengthening the immune system, improving eye health, improving the digestive system, lowering cholesterol and helping to detoxify the body."

 -Chrystal @ Happy Mothering


"This form of algae is a great way to add extra nutrients to your diet and eat healthier.  To start, I chose the spirulina tablets because there are just so many days I am out the door in the morning without breakfast.  Ideally I would like to begin my day on a good foot, but between driving the kids to school and rushing off to work, I don’t have that kind of time or patience.  I try to take these at home, on my way to work, or even at work.  The tablets are an awesome way to stay on track even when I’m on the go."

-A Nation of Moms


"Spiral Springs Spirulina is free from heavy metals and other environmental toxins, which is often a concern when purchasing Spirulina. Most brands of Spirulina  on the market are irradiated to kill the bacteria from growing in a polluted enviornment. But Spiral Springs Spirulina grows in a unique environment of clean pure water and air. Because of this environment, the Spirulina is not polluted doesn’t have to go through irradiation to kill the bacteria from growing in a polluted environment."

-Pancake Warrior


"When it comes to food especially, every green in the visible gamut indicates a potent source of nourishment, and this is especially true as those tones grow increasingly saturated. Spirulina is a prime example, packing an unbelievable battery of vitamins, minerals, and proteins into every molecule. Potent even in the smallest doses, spirulina enjoys the rare ability to enhance average recipes, both visually and nutritionally." 

-Bitter Sweet Blog


"I have a vibrant green pack of spirulina powder to get creative with from Spiral Spring Spirulina and it’s a huge bag that could easily fuel smoothies and dressings for months since a little spoonful goes a looooooong way. 

Just a teaspoon of the powder turned a huge salad into a festive green celebration."

 -Run Plant Based


"So, yeah, spirulina is a superfood, but you have to make sure to get a good one. When the opportunity arose to try Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima, I jumped at the chance.  It’s high quality, certified organic and non-gmo. It is grown in the purest of waters at an eco-friendly, solar powered facility. Spirulina Maxima is always free from heavy metals – they test EVERY batch!"

-Veggie Inspired Journey


"The two most common forms of commercially available spirulina are powder and tablets.  Consuming spirulina on a daily basis provides essential vitamins and fatty acids like no other food.  It is the easiest source of digestible, natural protein."



"The cool thing about Spiral Spring, which has been around for about 15 years now, is it’s the only supplier that uses arthrospira maxima instead of arthrospira patensis. Arthrospira maxima packs far more nutrients than the platensis which most other companies use. Spiral Spring also offers not only just spirulina powder (which most of us are familiar with); but also tablets and yummy snacks. I am in love with the marzapan snacks and have even convinced Timothy to try one!"

-Kristin Mcgee; Yoga, pilates & Fitness


"As far as green powders go, and I’m getting to be an expert at their quality and values these days, Spiral Springs is the best I’ve had the opportunity to try yet.  I wish I could send each of you a sample to try this stuff out.  

It’s powerful stuff, maybe the healthiest thing you could do for your health."

- By Angela @ Canned-Time.


"I made my energy snacks with deliciously healthy ingredients including buckwheat, peanut butter, coconut, dates, lemon, and Spiral Spring spirulina Maxima powder. The ingredient mix of my Spirulina power bites provide fiber, antioxidants, and high protein to keep you hustling all day. Spirulina powder is an extreme superfood, one serving of the green gold can provide a high percentage of your daily micronutrients!"

-The True Spoon