Q: Why choose our Spirulina products? 

A: It’s simple; Spirulina Maxima was created by multiple scientist and researchers with the only objetive of bringing the purest and most powerful Spirulina to the people. We have an unwavering focus on quality. Above all else, we are committed to a clean nutrition, the health, well being and betterment of our customers.


Q: What kind of Spirulina do we sell?

A: There are many types of spirulina, ours is Maxima, the richest in protein and pigments, therefore the better for nutritional and therapeutic purposes. 


Q: How good is our Spirulina?

A: Our many certifications speak for themselves; we are Kosher certified, USDA Organic certified, Phycotech Inc. (U.S. corporation) certified which means that we are the only producers of spirulina maxima with excellent quality in crops, which guarantees compliance with accepted standards of quality and safety for spirulina.


Q: Where is our Spirulina grown?

A: Our products are grown and harvested in one of the purest ecosystems in our planet, the pampa aquifer in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The water used in growing our spirulina comes from the melting of the Andes mountains and along with the purity of the world's driest desert this combination produces an unparalleled standard of excellence. For more details click on Unique Spirulina.


Q: Is our Spirulina Maxima “Cracked”?

A: Spirulina is "cracked" by nature. Unlike Chlorella, Spirulina is a very primitive algae without cell walls and because spirulina does not have cell walls it therefore does not require the centrifugation process to break and make the nutrients available. Our drying process is designed so that the nutrients of Spirulina are maximized and more concentrated.


Q: What are the most important factors to know when choosing Spirulina?

A: We believe it is imperative to know where the spirulina is grown, the processes for how it is grown and ultimately how the product ends up ready for your consumption. We pride ourselves in the full transparency of our entire cultivation techniques and our confidence comes from our steadfast dedication to providing the world’s best spirulina.


Q: Who can consume Spirulina Maxima?

A: Spirulina Maxima is for everyone


Q: Does Spirulina Maxima has any side effects?

A: Spirulina has no side effects. It is a safe and effective superfood that is highly digestible. However, contain iodine, so those sensitive to iodine should avoid taking it.

If you have an autoimmune disease, Spirulina is no recommended. It stimulates your immune system rising its leves that could make your condition worse.