What is spirulina

what is spirulina? benefits, maxima


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Spirulina Maxima is the natural easiest way to power up your body with necessary key nutrients for its optimal performance.

It have a high vegetable source of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, photo-nutrients, probiotics and nutraceuticals, making it the most complete food on the planet.  

If you practice sports, are young, student, adult, pregnant, senior, or vegetarian, you are one of the many persons who can enjoy this great food.  Ideal for you and your family!!

Considered by many Health experts as one of nature's most "Perfect Foods" in existence, One size of Spirulina on daily basis provides essential vitamins and fatty acids like no other food. Furthermore is the source of the easiest digestible natural protein.

Most of the Spirulina in the World is Spirulina platensis, which is not as complete as maxima in terms of content of protein, chlorophyll and phycocyanin. 

Last but not least, our Spirulina Maxima is always free of these heavy metals. We test every batch we harvest. 

Superfood or simply a complete food, Spirulina gathers all of the advantages of many other foods in one being completely natural and enviromental friendly. 

More About Spirulina Maxima

Because of its light weight and nutritional value, NASA has deemed it convenient to use it during space missions incorporated as part of the astronauts intake, and even to produce it on outer space, as an important oxygen generator.




Ecologically produced, Spirulina Maxima is a microscopic alga of the Cyanophytes, or blue-green algae, also called cyanobacteria. These organisms naturally occur in the warm, alkaline medium of certain brackish water lakes of the subtropical regions of America, Africa, and Asia.

This 3-billion-year-old micro-organism is shaped like a spiral (hence the name, Spirulina). It reproduces by multiple partition, and utilizes solar energy very efficiently for its development and reproduction. Its scientific names are, among others, Spirulina maxima and Arthrospira maxima.