Is Spirulina for me?

"Spirulina is for Everyone"

Due to its easy body assimilation and a high amount of readily available nutrients, is the perfect superfood that better accommodates to the needs of the modern individual. 


Body's weight

Do you want to have more control or your body's weight?

Spirulina Maxima contains proteins, essential nutrients and a minimum amount of calories. 

It will expand in your stomach, creating a feeling of satiety that will make you eat less amounts fo food without losing the essential nutrients that your body needs.

With a low content of fat, Spirulina Maxima helps to control overweight without causing colateral harmful effects derived from the use of drugs or substances that hidrate the stomach to give a satiety sensation.

Spirulina Maxima's probiotic phytonutrents are helpful to control weight without suffering of malnutrition.

In addition, it has also been used for nutritional programs to control overweight and obesity for years.



Do you need to strengthen your memory and concentration abilities?

They can be improved by the daily consumption of Spirulina Maxima, which contains B-complex vitamins and a high concentration of Methionine, a substance involved in the memory and concentration processes.

Besides, its digestibility, and ease of assimilation allow you to remain awake and focused for longer periods of time while studying.



Do you perform intense physical activity?  

Did you know that Spirulina Maxima is highly recommended as part of the diet undergone by runners before and after marathon competitions, due to the quality and quantity of its protein content. 

Spirulina Maxima contains glucogen, a substance stored in the liver as glucose reservoir, source of biochemical energy. 

It also contains all the essential aminoacids in highly digestible forms. This allows the body to quickly replenish the energy used up in high physical performance activities. 

Also rises stamina levels in athletes.



People with vegetarian eating habits should be especially careful with their diet in order to obtain adequate proportions of nutrients.

Did you know that Spirulina Maxima Spiral Spring contains three times more vitamin B12 than liver, and that its daily consumption provides six times more iron than whole grain cereals, and 34 times more than spinach!

Besides, it substitutes animal protein with higher-quality, toxin-, fat-, and cholesterol-free proteins, protecting you from malnutrition.


Pregnant women

Did you know that Spirulina Maxima Spiral Spring contains Folic acid (vitamin B9), which doctors recommend to pregnant women for good development of unborn babies?

It also contains gammalinolenic acid (only found in mothers’ milk and a few vegetable oils), a fundamental substance for the formation of prostaglandins, which have an important role in the balance of the immune system.

Spirulina Maxima, because of its high calcium content, is an ideal, balanced, easily digestible nutritional supplement for you and your baby, which will also help develop the newborn’s bones without depleting the mother’s calcium reserves.


Family Nutrition

Are you responsible for your children’s upbringing, your home’s upkeep, and the nutrition of everyone in it, including yourself?

Spirulina Maxima is one of the most complete foods on the planet, endowed with a unique blend of important nutrients, which covers the daily nutritional requirements of human beings. Spirulina Maxima high nutritional value assures you that your loved ones are well nourish.

Daily intake of Spirulina Maxima aids the healthy development of your children and your health, strengthening bones and muscles, thanks to its essential nutrient content.



For Her

Spirulina Maxima will give you a healthier, fresh-look on your skin, thanks to its contents of antioxidant vitamins A and E.

It also helps you to remain more alert and awake, thanks to its excellent blend of essential aminoacids.


Chronic degenerative or infectious disorders

Do you have high cholesterol or triglycerid levels?

Do you suffer of some disease?

Gammalinolenic acid, contained in Spirulina Maxima in high amounts, helps balance cholesterol and triglycerid levels in the blood. 

Also the combination of minerals and vitamins strengthens immune system response, increasing the efficacy of medical treatment. 

Some studies show that that AIDS patients have better tolerance for their treatments when they consume Spirulina Maxima, and that it also attenuates the discomfort caused by chemotherapy.



Do you wish to improve the quality of your life in a natural way?

You will be surprised by how much better you will feel. Thanks to its micro-nutrients and its combination of vitamins and minerals, the daily consumption of Spirulina helps you supplement your nutrition, strengthen your immune system, and increase the efficacy of medical treatments you are prescribed.

You will also experience better digestion, because Spirulina Maxima stimulates the intestinal flora.


Dietician and Doctors

Are you interested in learning more about the properties of Spirulina Maxima?

Would like to know what it can do for your patients?

Spirulina Maxima is a 100% natural food, with a 70% protein content. It contains 21 tines more beta carotene than carrots, 34 times more iron than spinach, and 3 times more vitamin B12 than raw liver.


Business people and Executives

Do you lead or work in a corporation?

You are certainly very busy, with many and varied responsibilities throughout the day, which have you sleep little and eat fast food. Over time, this takes its toll on our organism.

Spirulina and its combination of nutrients help you improve your performance, regardless of how intense your week may be. It provides you with all the nutrients your body requires for health and balance.


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