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New Spirulina Maxima Powder

Boost your health to a new level of wellness. 

Perfect for smoothies and shakes. You can also bake with it.


Organic Spirulina Maxima.

What is Spirulina Maxima:

The easiest natural way to power up your body with all necessary key nutrients for its optimal performance.

Nutritional Content:

Up to 70% Green Protein, Antioxidants, Essential Amino acids, Pro-biotics, Magnesium, Iron, Folic Acid, Multi-Vitamins, Omega 3, Omega 6.

How To Take: 

  • People of all ages, regardless of gender or level of activity can take it. It is therefore recommended for children, youngsters, adults, and the elderly.
  • Can be mixed into a glass of water, natural fruit juice, or even a cup of soup.
  • Can be mixed with fruit pulp, yogurt, or fruit, vegetable, and cereal shakes. It can likewise be added to soups, vegetable omelets, and milk-based desserts.
  • Mix it with anything. From your morning shake, pre and post workout or any meal you can create.
  • Can be use throughout the day but we recommend during morning. Yes you can bake with it. 


Recommended portion: 2g - 5g daily.

(1 teaspoon = 3g)

Approximate time of consumption: 1-2 months (with recommended portion).

Net Weight: 250g (8.8oz). 

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